Dress Code

Dress Code 2017-2018

Source of Wisdom Academy established a dress code that includes uniforms, to give our students a traditional appearance that is free from the distractions, comparisons and rivalries of the current fashion trends. Parents of the students not in uniform will be notified.

General rules for all:

  • Top colors must be solid (White, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Gray)
  • Bottoms must be solid (Beige, Blue, Black)


Top/bottom colors must be solid (3 approved colors).

No jeans/sweatpants – only regular or dress pants. No hats or hoods in the buildings.  Neatly groomed hair.


Top/bottom colors must be solid (no beads, studs, logos, etc.). Neckline no lower than 4 fingers from the neck. No lace or see-through fabric. Skirts and jumpers must be black or dark blue. Girls may wear tights or leggings under the jumpers or skirts. No skirts above the knees. No accessories (lotions, lip gloss, body spray, hats, scarves, etc.) Neatly groomed hair.

For PE class students must bring the sport shirt with pants and tennis shoes.

Remember, students come to school to learn and study, if students are not in the appropriate uniform, the student will have to call the parents and be picked up, or brought appropriate clothes.

*Stores that carry uniform type clothes (usually in the fall): Walmart,

K-Mart, Old Navy, KHOL’s, Fred Meyer, Target, Children’s Place.

You can also purchase uniform (tops) at this site: www.cookieskids.com