At Source of Wisdom Academy, we use the Abeka curriculum and materials to provide quality education for our students. The curriculum not only educates the child but also builds the student intellectually, morally, and spiritually by integrating God’s Word and principals throughout all subject. With the Abeka curriculum, every student receives superior academic knowledge while not undermining God’s Word with secular views which are taught elsewhere. The Abeka curriculum has been serving Christian schools for over 30 years and is used by many Christian schools all over the United States. For more information please visit


Our kindergarten classes are primarily taught in Russian. Each day, there is a teacher who comes in for two class periods to teach the students English. Since most of our students come from a Slavic background, we believe in the additive bilingualism approach – ‘the maintenance of the home language while the second language is being learned.’ This enables our students to ‘benefit from the opportunity to continue both cognitive and affective development using a language they understand easily while they are still learning the second language.’ By the end of Kindergarten, students are able to read in Russian and English. They understand long and short vowels and learn special phonic sounds. Students learn how to write their name, and practice penmanship by writing daily in their ‘Writing with Phonics’ writing book. In mathematics they learn the basics of adding and subtracting and are able to count to 100.

Elementary School + Middle School

Our students in elementary and middle school follow a daily schedule of classes which include Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and Russian. Students also attend art, music or P.E class as their daily elective. Students study grammar and have spelling words that they learn every week. Their progress is assessed weekly testing and grades are posted for parents to view on Alma. Most students also bring their textbooks home daily in order to complete their homework so parents are fully aware of what their child is currently learning. Our students learn through various hands on projects and go on multiple field trips throughout the year. Starting from first grade, students have only one period, daily, in which the Russian language is specifically taught. The electives, art, music and P.E are also typically taught in Russian. All other subjects are taught in English.